The Team


Kristin Mandia

Social Media and Digital Strategy

Kristin has fifteen years of experience across digital marketing, social media marketing, and customer acquisition, working with major global brands, such as Sun Microsystems and Edison International. Her expertise is in the tech space, and she has designed and driven global customer acquisition strategy for large-scale (5,000 to 10,000-person) high-profile conferences during her tenure at worldwide experience marketing agency, George P. Johnson. In addition, Kristin has marketed events connected with the Austin American Statesman, SXSW, C-SPAN, the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, the New England Aquarium, ABC's 20/20, and more. She has worked with major NPO clients such as the Boy Scouts of America. Kristin is experienced in delivering market research and strategy for clients in the mobile and location-based application space. She is passionate about integrating social, mobile and emerging media to create customer experiences and to advocate for causes that transform the world. Kristin has a Master's Degree, and she has a certificate in Advanced Mobile Marketing from University of San Francisco. Kristin lives in the Silicon Valley. In her spare time, she passionately pursues jazz vocals, dance, music, travel, the arts, and learning about technology.