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  • Two Awards of Distinction [Copywriting, Design]
  • VICAM's 2007 corporate calendar, "Putting Food Safety First" 13th Annual Communication Awards
  • One Silver Award
  • Bi-lingual Press Release, "Aflatoxin Testing Method Selected as Official Method of Mexico/Metodo De Analisis De Aflatoxina Seleccionado Como Metodo Oficial De Mexico" Magellan Awards League of American Communications Professionals (LACP)
  • Publication of Corporate Identity
  • VICAM Stationery System
  • Full-color Design Annual, Global Corporate Identity
  • Publication of Both VICAM Website and Corporate Brochure
  • Full-color Design Annual, Creativity 33
  • One Award for Communications Effectiveness
  • VICAM Website
  • Apex Awards
  • Two International Awards
  • VICAM Corporate Brochure and Educational Poster
  • The Agribusiness Tradeshow, IPE
  • One Graphic Design Award for a New Product Introduction
  • WheatRite Collateral
  • American Graphic Design Award for Collateral